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Beyonce is very replaceable 

From time to time I’ll take a visit to twitter and take a look at what’s trending. It helps inspire blog topics. Today I saw that #BeyonceIsIrreplacable is trending. False. Beyonce happens to be quite replaceable.

But her music is amazing. Her songs are so catchy. She’s so hot. How could you replace that?

First of all, like most singers Beyonce isn’t responsible for her music. She certainly doesn’t play any of the instruments in her songs, nor does she write the lyrics. So if there were no Beyonce, her music and the songs would still very much exist, they would just be on another performer’s album. Replaceable.

So what is it about Beyonce that couldn’t be replaced? Her body? Yup, it’s pretty much perfect. But wait, there are a thousand people in Hollywood that have a Beyonce body. I’m not saying that you know these people or are friends with people who look like Beyonce but certainly if she stepped aside and retired, we’d find ourselves head over heels for the next hot thing to sing and dance on stage. Replaceable.

I’d be willing to argue in fact, that if Beyonce weren’t married to Jay-Z, she would have lost much of her luster by now. She would be big every time she put out an album but slowly she’d fade off into the distance. I think she’s been replaced by the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry already anyway. By the way, those are two performers do write their own songs and their concerts are like Broadway productions.

Throughout entertainment history you have people who at the height of their popularity encompass an entire generation. People who many think will be irreplaceable when the time comes for them to step down. Every time, these people get replaced. Madonna is a perfect example. Sure people remember her as the hottest thing in the world once upon a time, but this weekend how many people would rather see someone relevant perform at the Superbowl half-time show? Madonnna has been replaced just like Beyonce will.

Beyonce is replaceable and very soon in fact, she will be past her prime and we’ll all move on. Thanks twitter for yet another inspired blog where I brazenly get on my soapbox and scream at anyone willing to listen.


-Jeff Kahn

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Beyonce has always been replaceable due to the simple fact that, despite all of years in the industry and all of her success, she has never really created timeless music or been very innovative. I'm surprised she's lasted this long. I think the is definitely more talented than Madonna has ever been, but she's been nothing more than a puppet who's never really called the shots until it was too late.

March 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDarslow

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