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T³: Top Ten Thursday- Topanga Lawrence Moments

Last week, I wrote a post listing the Top Ten Eric Matthews Moments and nearly broke our website. They say the sequel is never as good as the first one, but that’s not true for Boy Meets World, because everything related to Boy Meets World is awesome.

So in honor of Danielle Fishel, who retweeted my post and brought thousands of people to Walk In Radio, I present the Top Ten Topanga Moments.

10) Graduation: Topanga was always there for her friends. So even after an entire episode in which she competed with Minkus (Side note: Minkus was awesome.) for valedictorian, and she won, she gave the honor of delivering the speech to Shawn, who had matured throughout his time at John Adams High. It was a touching moment and one that fit her character perfectly.

9) Wrestling: Remind me not to make Topanga mad. When she wanted the apartment that once belonged to Eric and Jack, she wrestled the two men for it. And she was FIERCE. Beauty, brains and the ability to kick ass and crush cans on her forehead. A lethal combination.

8) Bridesmaids: Apparently a bit of Topanga’s strangeness (more on that shortly) stayed with her as she got older, because she picked gigantic, poofy pink dresses for her bridesmaids. Her friends hated them, but Topanga simply repeated, “Those…are…the most beautiful dresses…I have ever…seen.” Her loved ones later get revenge on her by putting her in a hideous Civil War dress, and Eric decides to propose to Topanga because Cory would not pick him to be the best man. Come to think of it, I should have put that moment on the Eric list, too…

7) Donut in the Sky: Topanga was weird as a child. Like, really weird. Like, that kid who wore a cape to school weird. One of my favorite “weird Topanga” moments that really encapsulated her quirkiness was the “Donut in the Sky” poem from the first season. Cory and Topanga teamed up on a school project, and she decided to write a poem about Mother Nature, draw a heart around her face with lipstick and perform an interpretative dance. The show scaled back Topanga’s odd nature as the show went on, so it’s fun to revisit her crazy roots every now and then.

6) First Kiss: Topanga may have been weird as a kid, but she gave Cory a moment that no boy or man ever forgets: his first kiss (and hers, too). Cory, who tried to straighten his hair and wound up looking like he got electrocuted, joins Topanga and the other outcasts at school in blocking the exit of the school and convincing the other students to sign a petition to keep the school’s librarian. Topanga decided to plant one on him and the two shared their first kiss. It was cute and one of the more memorable moments of their relationship.

5) Disney World: Cory snuck away from Philadelphia and traveled to Disney World to convince Topanga to give their relationship another chance. It seems like these two were always dramatically getting back together, doesn’t it? Anyway, after Topanga rejected Cory a bunch of times, the dejected teen gave up. But after Topanga heard him pour his heart out, she ran after Cory and the two kissed.

4) Prom Night: Cory and Topanga finally decided to…you know…on prom night and rented a hotel room. The problem? Cory’s parents had a hotel room down the hall. As is the nature of sitcoms, there was a mix-up and Cory’s dad walked into Topanga’s room while Cory walked into his mom’s room. It was wrong on so many levels and Topanga’s shocked reaction was priceless. She actually handled her boyfriend’s dad walking in on her surprisingly well.

3) The Wedding: Cory and Topanga’s relationship was arguably the central focus of the show. Their wedding was the payoff we had all wanted for seven years. It was beautiful, dramatic and hilarious all at once and BMW pulled it off in a way that only BMW could.

2) Starry Night: The Starry Night episode was great, but perhaps the best moment was Topanga’s speech to Angela in which she professed her undying love for Cory and declared that no one else would ever be right for her. We always knew they were meant to be together and it was wonderful to hear her say it.

1) Running Away: Cory and Topanga were no different than every other couple of 16-year-olds. They were head over heels in love, and that’s what made their relationship relatable to the viewers who rooted so fiercely for them. The only difference between them and most other high school sweethearts is that they went the distance. So when Topanga moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, we, like Cory, were crushed. When she ran across Pennsylvania back into his arms, we cheered out loud. That episode is still one of my all-time favorites of the series.


-Andrew Meola


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Reader Comments (2)

Agreed! Those were all great moments! But Danielle is all grown up and has had (and will have) a lot of really great moments on her own! :)

March 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBecca

I always wanted to tap that

March 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMr. Feeny

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