Off Air Comments

Walk In Radio Episode 42

It's a Jeff heavy episode in our 1 year anniversary. The man got BUNS

Late Night Stroll Ep #5

The boys get spooOOooooky in the special Halloween edish of the 'Stroll. Triumphantly returning to the air waves, Flow and the C discuss their Halloween plans and how it lead them to discover the true cost of a tracksuit. Also - election. That's topical, right?

Sports Walk Episode 14

Andrew and A.J. are back again talking World Series, yet another team moving to Brooklyn and the guys smack talk about their fantasy football matchup this week.

Walk In Radio Episode 41

So there you are reading this description and you think you're some cool person who's too hot to trot. Well I got news for you. Eric Rothman is going to be on the Wheel of Fortune. Who's cool now? Still you probably but Eric's kinda OK.

Sports Walk Episode 13

After some technical difficulties, the boys are back talking MLB postseason, the Yankees' inability to hit a baseball and the landscape of the NFL after six weeks. Also, the Facebook page is up and running at
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