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I don't care about your iPhone

I don’t have an iPhone. I have no problem with Apple. I love Apple products.

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Much To Say, Nothing To Talk About

It seems like these days everyone has a blog. That’s cool, because much like assholes, everyone has an opinion and what better place to voice those opinions than your very own… Newspaper…? Diary…? What is a blog? And why am I finding it so damn difficult to think of something to write about?

Here’s my goal, and if it works, that’s awesome. If it fails, it will join the ranks of other fantastic ideas of mine that just didn’t pan out, like the Timer Flush Toilet (Don’t want the person on the other end of the phone to know you were pooping and talking? Set the flush for 15 seconds and bolt!) You pick the topic, I write about it. It’s that simple.

I’ll rant, I’ll make fun; I’ll make an ass out of myself but best of all, I wont just be a pulling a topic out of thin air. You’ll be reading about topics you actually want to read about.

In the mean time I’ll be writing about topics I chose to write about myself because this is my blog after all, fuck you.


Jeff Kahn



Welcome to Walk In Radio. Out of the sick minds of Jeff Kahn and Eric Rothman, we bring you a random talk show about everything and nothing at the same time. We're like an episode of Seinfeld, if episodes of Seinfeld were like our Show.

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