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Late Night Stroll Ep #4

Episode 4 finds the gents of the 'Stroll particularly "zonked" and unprepared...however the show goes on! This week we discuss how the internet destroyed music (and basically everything else). Also boobs. (queue explosions) **BOOM**

Walk In Radio Episode 40

They're Back! Finally a podcast on this site that talks about what you actually want to hear like Eric's time in Florida and Jeff recent Jdate!

Late Night Stroll Ep #3

Churning out episodes just as fast as they churn their own butter, its time for episode 3. The boys try to give advice to their younger selves, while unearthing some repressed memories along the way. While on their journey they branch off and discuss awesome toys and tv shows from the 90s. And top it off with poop etiquette at work. You better plug in your headphones cause this episode is NSFW (just kidding...but seriously)

Sports Walk Episode 12

It's Sports Walk's baseball postseason preview special! In this episode, Andrew and A.J. discuss the wild finish to the 2012 regular season, preview the playoffs and explain why Miguel Cabrera should be the AL MVP. Also, the "People Will Come" speech from Field of Dreams is in here. Twice.

Late Night Stroll Ep #2

Open up your hungry ear-mouths wide for episode #2 of the stroll. Flow and the C prove truth to the myth of "the sophomore slump" with this second installment as we discuss our favorite seasonal brews. Also provided is an impromptu list of which actors should star in the lead roles of a live action Jetson's movie. We dare you to try to not (ghost) busta nut while listening.
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