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Sports Walk Episode 11

This week, Andrew and A.J. discuss the insanity of the Packers-Seahawks finale, the NFL referee situation and Andrew has some strong words for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Late Night Stroll Ep #1

Paul and Steve, former guest hosts of The Sports Walk with legendary host Andrew Zachary, were somehow allowed to spin off to form there own show on Walk in. Barely discussing all worldly topics of music, movies, and whatever comes to the top of there head...its not wonder they are on late night. I hope you guys enjoy. 2 men, no adult supervision.

Sports Walk Episode 10

For reasons defying logic, they let us do 10 episodes. In this week's edition of Sports Walk, Andrew and A.J. break down the unbelievably complicated baseball playoff tiebreakers and look ahead to Week 3 of the NFL season.

Sports Walk Episode 9

A.J. once again comes out of hibernation. He and Andrew discuss the exciting playoff races in baseball, the first two weeks of the NFL season and Andrew mocks A.J. for his song choices.

Walk In Radio Episode 39 (for real)

Jeff and Eric discuss the Internet. Their hot apartment. And of course, owning a monkey.
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