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Keep the Change

Time for another "are you kidding me" moment in the life and times of Jeff Kahn. Every morning before work, I go across the street to a gas station. I buy the same thing every day; one diet peach Snapple, and a blueberry pastry thingy that doesn’t seem to have a name. The total cost of my breakfast of champions is $3.74.

This morning after picking out my usual, I paid with a ten-dollar bill. What I expected to get in return was some change. A few bills, a few coins, on my way. Hambo, the cashier, gave me a single, 26 cents, and four gold one-dollar coins. Coins? What? I’m sorry, when did I move to Europe?

What am I supposed to do with dollar coins? The only thing a dollar coin is good for is gaining value because they’re so rare and so dumb, only a limited amount were made. You’re not supposed to get them as change; you’re supposed to get them from your Grandmother after you find the hidden matzo on Passover (I’ll take things people didn’t know Jew’s do on Passover for $500, Alex).

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